Sunday, August 6, 2017

Gateways 2 Life

In my last blog post, I promised to share the more positive part of our story here.

First, we met an awesome brother and sister in Christ, William and Geeta Splitberger.

These two gave up great jobs in the US as an attorney and an accountant to come to Europe to respond to the refugee crisis and the crisis in the church (less than 2% evangelical believers). They live in Frankfurt but also work in Greece and Italy.  They have started a NGO called Gateways 2 life.  Their goal is to share the love of Jesus with those who have been traumatized by this situation.  At the center, they will provide laundry facilities, a place to get some tea and a snack in an AIR -CONDITIONED facility., a place for young children to play and get a posicle, etc.  All for free!  Or I should say all provided by those that believe in the ministry.

Our little group of five spent this past week is Panagouda, Lesbos preparing the Gateways 2 Life community center for women and children that will open this coming Monday!  This was very familiar work for Terry and me as it was very similar to the last week of a house flip - with me doing the cleaning and Terry doing the skilled work.  Terry worked getting mirrored film on all the windows, and the rest of us did a lot of cleaning. There were many layers of dust on everything!  Just watch the progress:

Mirrored film helps with security and combats the heat

This was before we got a dustpan and had to use a shovel

Figuring out how to program with washers and dryers

Painting the floor

Set up

Ready for business!

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Unknown said...

Well you guys were busy! Congratulations on getting this new facility ready for opening!