Saturday, January 16, 2010

Girl's Night Out

From Little House on the Prairie

During our visit to Fayetteville, we had a great girl's night out! I went with my Mom, my sisters and all of our daughters (except Ann's daughter, Lisa, who was out of town) to see "Little House on the Prairie - The Musical." If there is any need to explain why the men in our family didn't join us (and there probably isn't), consider that the Razorbacks were playing No. 2 Texas at Bud Walton Arena less than two miles away.

This show starred Melissa Gilbert (originally "Laura") all grown up as "Ma." We don't get all that many celebrities in Fayetteville, so that was kind of exciting. Her son was in the show as well. Too bad her husband Bruce Boxleitner wasn't in it, too! I would have paid double for that.

We have three generations of emotional connections to Little House. All of us girls read the series as kids (OK, Carol and I cheated and stopped at "Farmer Boy"). Carol and I have big memories of watching this show every Monday night with Mom and Dad. My Mom read this series to her 2nd graders every school year for years! Now Carol shares the experience with the next generation by watching the series on DVD with Hannah.

Anyway, it was a fun evening even though I didn't really think the play was THAT good. Actually, I liked the script but not the music. The singing was fine, I just wasn't crazy about the songwriting.

We couldn't take pictures of the show, so all these pictures were taken at the Mexican Restaurant we ate at before the show.

From Little House on the Prairie