Thursday, March 13, 2008

You're Not Gonna Believe This!

The kids and I are running around screaming our heads off! We just got a phone call telling us that we have been chosen as a Panasonic HD Family. I entered this contest in January by writing an essay and telling how we would do the assigned scavenger hunt if we had the HD products (this was another part of the contest).

We won over $15,000 of HD equipment plus a crew of folks to set everything up for us at our house and teach us how to use it! We won a large plasma TV, a laptop, a home theater system, an HD video camera, two cameras, a printer, a Wii and games, blueray videos, etc. plus a year's worth of subscription to HDTV from our local cable company. I understand that ten families from across the US were chosen in this round. As a result of winning, we have to participate in "challenges" where we make videos, etc of our family that are put on the web.

Here's part of the original news story about the contest:

The “Bring Back Family Time” advertising campaign is part of Panasonic’s integrated Living In High Definition program. The program also includes a nationwide multi-truck tour that is bringing consumers a hands-on experience with Panasonic’s suite of High Definition products, and an experiential program, in association with researchers from the Center for Urban Research and Policy at Columbia University, that will explore and document how High Definition technologies can enrich the American lifestyle. As part of the program, as many as 30 families will be awarded a $20,000 suite of High Definition products including Plasma HDTVs, Blu-ray Players, HD Camcorders, Digital Still Cameras and other products and services.