Friday, February 1, 2008

Still a Pepper

Many of you know that I have been a fan of Diet Dr. Pepper for years. But you may not know that it's been over 45 years! This picture is the proof!
Actually, I drank the real Dr. Pepper back then. I started drinking Diet Dr. Pepper (then Sugar Free Dr. Pepper) when I was a senior in High School. I have a Dr. Pepper shirt, a set of Dr. Pepper salt and pepper shakers, a Dr. Pepper cookbook, a Dr. Pepper mousepad, and I have even been to the Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco, Texas! However, I'm not so brand loyal --- I switched to Walmart's knock-off, "Diet Dr. Thunder" almost five years ago.
Well, when we were in NY City, I didn't have access to Diet Dr. Pepper (they have lots of things in that big city, but this is one area where they are sadly lacking), so I gave it up - caffeine and all. I never even had a soft drink of any kind while we were there.
I had assumed that I was addicted (I normally drank two to three cans a day), but I guess I wasn't as I got no headaches at all. So when we got back to Dr. Pepper country, I decided to just give it up. It's been another week. I don't guess I miss the caffeine, but I miss the pleasure and I miss the bubbles.
And I guess not having Diet Dr. Pepper really increases my desire for food. I gained one pound last week. I had hoped it was just the eating during the trip, but this week I also gained a pound! My weight has been steady for over a year, so gaining a pound a week is definitely unusual and something I cannot put up with!
So today I went and bought a twelve-pack. I feel like bit like a drunk that has fallen off the wagon, but I'd rather have this habit than the extra pounds.