Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Greetings

Greetings from the Seaman Family! Since you last received a Christmas card from us, there have been lots of changes for our family. First of all, we moved to Knoxville in May of 2012. Instead of living in a quiet neighborhood on Boone Lake, we live in a 1960s rancher just a block from I-40. We were all so sad to leave our home, friends, and church in Johnson City. But we can say without a doubt that God was behind this move. We have all come to love it here and enjoy being close to Terry’s family. Terry no longer works as an engineer but instead works flipping houses. He really loves this work, and the Lord is providing all the income we need. He’s got some great guys that he works with that have become like extended family to us. He’s also been able to teach our boys a lot of practical skills. Terry has recently been diagnosed with MS. He was experiencing a lot of numbness on one side and thought it was just a back injury . We appreciate your prayers as we learn to deal with this “new normal.” There was a time when a diagnosis like this would have been more upsetting, but we have both learned a lot more about trusting God in the past few years and know that adversity is the best way to stay dependent on Him. Other big changes have been in our extended family. My mother passed away in May of 2012. I still miss her very much, but I am so glad she is with the Lord. There were so many neat ways that God ministered to me during that time, and if we have a chance to visit in person, I’ll tell you all about it. My Dad is doing well and surprised us all by getting married again just a week ago. Rebecca—is a junior at ETSU. She is an English major planning to attend graduate school in physical therapy. She keeps busy with things like student government, intramural football, and producing a video series for YouTube (“The Emma Project”). Though she’ll still be a full-time student, she is moving out of the dorm this next semester to become a part-time live-in nanny for a family of six kids. Nathan—is a junior in high school. He’s still being homeschooled but is also taking dual enrollment college classes. He plays varsity soccer and is also involved with a huge Lego building project for the Tenn. Valley Fair. Caleb—is a sophomore at Bearden High School. He decided he wanted to try out public school this year, and he likes it a lot. He also started working at JC Penney and has been especially busy there during the holidays. We are blessed that our home is so conveniently located that he can ride his bike to school each day and also walk to his job at the mall. Noah—is in the 8th grade and is still homeschooled. He is on a Lego robotics team and a speech and debate team. He has made tons of new friends. We always love to hear from friends - whether at Christmas or any other time. Call if you're going to be in the area!