Saturday, October 6, 2007

More Pics from Charleston

Surf's up!

On the flight deck of the Yorktown

Our Trip to Charleston

We spent this past week in Charleston while Terry attended a business conference there. We did five field trips in five days: Ft. Sumter, Patriot's Point, Fort Moultrie, Old Exchange Place and the Charleston Fire Museum. We also spent some time in the surf on Isle of Palms!
The last two days of our trip we had rainy weather, so we didn't get to enjoy downtown Charleston as much as we would have liked (we saw a lot of it, though, but have no pictures since we were in a downpour). We'll just have to go back. We also didn't get to see any of the plantations around Charleston.
I think Caleb's favorite part was just hanging out at Embassy Suites. He loved to go to the workout room and go to the lobby during "happy hour." He met businessmen from all over the country. We met the folks staying in the room on either side of us. On one side, there was little girl and her parents who were staying there while their house was repaired from a flood. She and Rebecca spent some time together. On the other side was a woman attending the same conference as Terry. Caleb spent quite a bit of time talking to her, and she made a point of telling us that he was one of the most delightful children she had ever met. That happened on the same day that I was getting ready to revoke every priviledge he has for being so difficult!
I think God sent this lady with her fresh perspective to encourage Terry and me.
Rebecca's favorite part by far was getting to eat pralines! She had never tried them before, and they give out fresh, warm samples downtown.She has already been searching the internet for recipes and is determined to learn how to make them just like they did.