Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nathan!

Nathan had a party today with his friends. Speaking as someone with a November birthday, it must be great to have a birthday in the summer! All you have to do is take some friends and add water - and there you have it, a party!

They played at the neighborhood pool, ate burgers, took some crazy tube rides and then had some cookie cake!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Well, in my quest for a cheap but thoughtful gift, I have decided to follow-up my mother's day blog with one on father's day.

Unfortunately, this is not quite as easy. I don't like to do blog entries without a photo (in fact, I don't think I ever have!), and it was impossible for me to find a picture taken of just me and my Dad in the first several years of my life. Let that be a lesson to all of you "one-photographer" families. The person behind the camera deserves to be in a few photos, too!

Anyway, though I didn't find a photo of me and Dad, I did find some photos that brought back memories of Dad.

This first one is of me in my Daddy's darkroom:

From Dad

It looks a little bit like a doctor's office, but this is where he developed his black and white photographs. I remember getting to sit on the stool and not being allowed to leave during the process. This may have been a little bit of a challenge for a little girl in training pants. I remember being fascinating watches the pictures appear when Dad put them in solution. It was magical!

From Dad

The photo above was taken on a fishing trip with Dad. I have vague memories of this trip. You can see that we brought along plenty of moon pies in case we didn't end up catching much fish. I remember going fishing with Dad - usually when we were out camping at Gunner Pool - and there again I watched the process but didn't actually participate. I just couldn't bait a live cricket OR clean a fish, either! But Dad seemed to enjoy just having some company.

Thanks, Dad for spending time with me. Thanks for sitting through all those music recitals (band, choir and piano) and managing to stay awake. Thanks for letting me play the piano loud and sing in the car with my sisters for hours without complaining. Thanks for taking us camping all over the USA.

Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Family Celebration

We just returned from another trip out of town. This time we were celebrating Terry's mother's 70th birthday. Here's the birthday gal:

From Liz's 70th

I don't think she really looks 70! Anyway, we (Terry's parents, his brothers and their families) all rented a large house on Lake Barkley in Kentucky and just hung out together for a few days. On the last night that we were there, we all got in a circle and read letters to Liz telling her what she meant to us. Then the next morning we all went to Madison, Kentucky, where she was born and spent her first 14 years. We went back to the street she lived on, and she took all 17 of us on a walking tour! I'm not sure what the neighbors thought. We videoed most of it as seeing all the old sites made her keep thinking of stories that none of us had ever heard before.

After leaving Madison, we headed in a convoy down to Tullahoma, Tennessee - where Liz's father's family - The Jennings - have their annual reunion at Rutledge Falls. I think it's pretty cool to have your reunion near a huge waterfall that's actually owned by family members. Turns out this waterfall is featured in the recent Hannah Montana movie.

From Liz's 70th

Anyway, like most reunions there was lots of good food! We also enjoyed singing, playing horseshoes and swimming at the falls. Here's a slide show of our weekend. I didn't take many pics at the reunion because . . .well, I somehow thought Rebecca was going to. Anyway, Miley Cyrus was NOT at the reunion, but I saved the picture in the same file, so it ended up in my slide show.

Now we have returned home and will not travel much the rest of the summer. Three of our four kids were just cast in Cheaper by the Dozen at a local theater, and they will be rehearsing six days a week for the next six weeks! Rebecca got cast in a major role as Ernestine, one of the older daughters, and her younger brothers Nathan and Noah were cast as . . .her younger brothers Fred and Jackie!