Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

It has been ten years since we last sent a Christmas letter via “snail mail.”  Doing things online was easier and cheaper, but I feel that email is now the new “junk mail” and “snail mail” is appreciated more.  So this year I sent out a snail mail version to those we still had addresses for.  Everyone else can still read this version.

We moved from Johnson City to Knoxville, Tennessee in 2012.  Terry no longer works as an engineer – instead he flips houses – some to sell and some to rent.  His Dad works with him most days, and that’s a special blessing.   It’s going pretty well, but it’s a financial roller coaster compared to the steady income he had for years.  It gives us a lot of opportunity to trust in God for provision.  You can check out his work at  Terry was diagnosed with MS in 2013, but we are thankful that he is doing quite well with it.  His neurologist said he’s her healthiest patient.

I’m still homeschooling, but my youngest, Noah, is really my only student.  I also teach chemistry and physical science at a co-op one day a week, and I’m trying to figure out what to do for a career once Noah leaves for college (I still have 2.5 years!).   My life has changed a lot the past few years as the kids don’t need me as much for teaching or for driving them places (all have driver’s licenses now – yikes!).  I spend some time doing the books for Terry’s business.

Rebecca graduated from college this May and moved to Knoxville this summer.  She’s got a fun job and is also developing a few side businesses (photography and reading therapy).   We really enjoy having her around after four years away at college.  She and I took a 3-week trip to England in September to celebrate her graduation and had a fantastic time!  Highlights were hikes inthe Lake District and the Jane Austen Festival in Bath

Nathan graduated from high school in May and started college at the University of Tennessee this fall.  He is a nursing major.  He lives on campus with one of his childhood friends, plays intramural football, has an on-campus job and is involved with Reformed University Fellowship. 

Caleb is a senior in high school and is taking all dual enrollment classes at Pellissippi State.  He also works about 30 hours a week at Best Buy.  This past spring he was selected as one of Best Buy’s top salesman in the country at age 17.  He won a free trip for two to Puerto Rico and took his grandfather with him.  This fall he has spent a lot of his free time building furniture with his grandfather and backpacking with friends. 

Noah is in 10th grade and has joined Caleb working at Best Buy for the holiday season.  He’s also in a Christmas play, so he has learned what it is to be over-committed.  He is looking forward to some relaxation in the New Year.  In the spring semester, though, he will be competing regionally in NCFCA speech.  This involves five to six out-of-town trips for five days each, so it’s quite a commitment for both him and me! 

We are so thankful for friends and family. Please stay in touch, or better yet, come visit!