Friday, April 2, 2010


From Passover2010

We started celebrating Passover about thirteen years ago, and it has become one of our favorite family traditions. No, we're not Jewish, but we celebrate the deliverance of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt and the deliverance from sin that we have through Jesus, our Passover lamb.

We eat the traditional seder foods and follow a "haggadah" (order of service). We use the one here because it's the one we first found thirteen years ago. It's from a Catholic website, so we modified it a little (for instance, our children don't think in terms of "Eucharist," but they are familiar with the "Lord's supper").

We've had different things on the menu through the years, but my kid's favorite is the haroseth (diced apples with cinnamon, nuts and grape juice) which is part of the seder meal.

This year we celebrated with a few families from our small group Bible study. Noah was glad that he was still the youngest boy present, so he got to ask the traditional questions, starting with "Why is this night different from any others?"