Saturday, February 19, 2011

365, 43-49 Main Street, USA

One of my favorite things about this area is historic Jonesborough, Tennessee. It's about a 20 minute drive from our front door to Main Street! I get to go there lots these days as Caleb is practicing for "High School Musical" at Jonesborough Repertory Theatre.

These pictures were all taken Saturday afternoon on Main Street.

First of all, the Courthouse, where I recently was sworn in as a notary public and where I go to pay for our car licenses and property taxes (and though I hate to pay property taxes, I think it's kind of interesting that our county clerk's name is Jack Daniels):

Next up, the Historic the 1797 Chester Inn, the oldest still standing inn in Tennessee, which housed presidents traveling through the Appalachian Mountains on the Great Stage Road, including Jackson, Andrew Johnson and James K. Polk.

Here is a log cabin (right on Main Street) that Andrew Jackson himself used to live in when he practiced law:

And here is the "Parson's Table" where Terry and I had our first date over 21 years ago:

And here are some more of my favorites from Main Street (including yet another "Senior Photo" shot of Rebecca):

Sunday, February 13, 2011

365, 36-42 Senior Photos Part 2

Rebecca and I were in downtown Bristol this past week, so I took the opportunity to take some more photos of her. I was going to try for some urban alleyway shots ,which really doesn't fit her personality, but I wanted to give it a try. Instead the old train station caught my eye,and thought it would be a neat backdrop. I loved all the architectural elements with the big doors and the railings.

Here again, I can't really make up my mind between the black and white and the color photos. I think I like the B&W better.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

365, 29-35 Tune Up Pomp and Circumstance

This week Rebecca's diploma, cap and gown arrived. It's a little early since her graduation is not until May 20th, but the days are flying fast.

I remember well the day we started homeschooling kindergarten. I have easily learned as much as she has during these past thirteen years. She told me she was going to make me my own diploma to celebrate relearning all that stuff that may not have stuck the first time around.

I have really cherished the time we have spent together. The relationship that we share has been the neatest part of our homeschool experience. I'll blog about that more about that later as I just am not ready to deal with all those emotions right now.

I've had fun doing some "Senior Portrait Sessions" with her this year. Below are my best efforts to date. I love our new pancake lens (courtesy of Panasonic) and used it for all of these. I've had a hard time choosing a favorite!

We tried some "city shots" downtown, but it was cold and windy and the late afternoon sun ruined the lighting. We'll try again when we get a sunny, spring-like day. We also have an antique dress (from my great aunt Pansy) to use for some photos - I think those would look really cool in a sepia tone.