Thursday, November 10, 2011

My New Wall Clock!

I finally got this done! This project has been about two years in the making. Not that it takes long at all - I just procrastinate a lot!

From For Clock

I saw a clock like this in a magazine several years ago - I think it was Family Circle, but I'm not sure. I tore out the page and filed it away in a drawer somewhere. Then Terry got laid off, and we put a moratorium on unnecessary spending.

I guess at some point I decided that it was necessary that we have this clock! I purchased 12 black frames, 4 that were 5X7, 8 that were 4X6. and one 2X2 for the middle of the clock. In retrospect, I wish I would have gone with bigger sizes since I have such a big wall. I also bought clock hands and a working clock piece.

Those frames sat in a drawer for over a year while I decided what photos to use. This was by far the most painful part - not only choosing the photos but deciding if each child should have the same number, whether they should be portrait or landscape, etc. I started collecting potential shots in a folder on my computer.

Then one night I printed out 20 or so potential photos (printing them in miniature on regular paper) and played around with them. I ended up choosing four family photos for 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock. Then since I have four kids I chose two pictures for each child - one landscape and one portrait. And yes, it didn't seem right not to put them clockwise in order of birth. And I still was not pleased with some of my choices - but it's only 50 cents or so to print out a new photo to update the clock.

After ordering the photos and receiving them, they stayed in another drawer for about a month while I figured out exactly how to hang them.

I ended up cutting a long wire type string to a 2' length (because I decided I wanted my clock to have a 4' diameter). I put a hole in the wall and used a protactor to mark the center where each picture needed to go. And since pictures don't hang on their center point, I measured each framed picture to find out where it's center was and how far up from center the hanger was (see the dots below).

From For Clock

Then it was pretty easy. I just measured the correct distance up from center on the 12 dots I had made on my wall, put in the nails and then hung the photos.

From For Clock

From For Clock

I am thinking of putting some words from Wise Decor in the middle of my clock. I am thinking of "My times are in your hands" from Psalm 31:15 as that verse has meant a lot to me these past few months.

From For Clock