Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Haven't Done This in a While

Though it seems weird to now after several days of spring-like weather, we actually went snow-skiing last Thursday. It is hard to believe that there is this much snow only an hour's drive from our home. We had about 1/2" back home (enough to close county schools), but there were about six new inches at Beech Mountain, North Carolina. They were also taking advantage of the cold temperatures to make snow. This snow-making is very noisy and makes me appreciate the quietness of snow-skiing in Colorado.
Nathan and Rebecca were unable to come because they had play practice to attend, but Noah and Caleb both learned quickly - completely bypassing the bunny slope. In fact, after just one trip down, Caleb got back on the lift and went up himself.
We could have made lots more pictures, but it turns out my camera does not operate well at 18 degrees.