Monday, September 24, 2007

Living Timeline Class

I am teaching a "Living Timeline" class at co-op this year. This past week we did a timeline of Egypt, and this little girl is representing when the Romans took over Egypt. All the kids have outfits or props and then we have fun sending one student out of the room, mixing up the timeline and then letting him/her try to put everyone in the right order. If you'd like to see more pictures from the timelines we've done so far, check out The password is "timeline".

Happy Birthday, Noah!

Noah turned eight years old on September 21st! He was so excited that his birthday was on a co-op day. After co-op, we brought three little boys home with us to celebrate. They had a treasure hunt, broke a pinata and just spent lots of time playing.

Soccer Season is Here!

All our boys are playing soccer this year. Caleb and Noah are playing for the Lakeridge Tigers (8-9 year olds). Terry is coaching the Lakeridge Warriors (10-11 year olds), and Nathan plays on his team. We have four to five games per week to attend. Both Caleb and Nathan have scored goals for their teams. Nathan's team only has a few subs, so most of the boys have to play the entire game. It's quite a workout.