Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hadrian's Wall

This is the day we reached the northernmost point in our journey.  We started seeing signs for Scotland and would have loved to take a detour!

Our hostess, Madeleine, gave us directions to hike from where we were staying in Haltwhistle up to a lovely spot to see the wall - Cawfield's Quarry.  The British call this "walking" instead of "hiking."  This trail led through the forest and then through fields with sheep and cows.

The wall abruptly stops there, at least for a while, because the English tore it down to build their quarry.  Nowadays this would certainly be frowned upon as it turns out you are not even supposed to walk on the wall.  We didn't find this out until we had finished our hike, and as you can see from the photographic evidence, we did indeed get up on the wall.

Oh well.  I also ignored at least one other sign as you can see below:

I even managed to get Rebecca to join me out on the edge:

It was so cool to see this wall stretching out over the hills and thinking that it has been there for almost 2000 years.