Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lifejacket Graveyard

Today our team in Lesbos had a humbling experience.  On a mountain in the northern part of the island (where Turkey is just 4 miles away by water) there is a makeshift memorial.

The remains of thousands of lifejeckets,  shredded rafts, engine covers and a few clothes belonging to the thousands of refugees who have made their way here in the last few years are collected in heaps.  Approximately 5000 people have drowned in their attempt to get here.  Five died this last weekend.

I think this display may compare to the pile of shoes in the holocaust museum.  In fact, I think that this refugee crisis (along with abortion) is the holocaust of our day. We dare not turn a blind eye.  

We just walked around and let it soak in.  A few items really stuck out to me.

This is sort of the "bad news first" approach.  In later post I will share about our work here to love on the traumatized survivors of this tragedy.

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