Friday, July 30, 2010

They're Back!

From Belles

Rebecca, Nathan and Noah return to the stage tonight for the sequel to "Cheaper by the Dozen" which they performed in last summer. They're a little older (and the boys are taller). Rebecca designed the artwork for the cast t-shirts both years.

From Cheaper by the Dozen

This year's show is "Belles on Their Toes" and features Rebecca wearing a two-piece bathing suit on stage:

From Belles

Yes, those are their two-piece suits because one-piece suits were simply scandalous in the 1920s. Since you can't really buy these off the rack anymore, Rebecca sewed them herself without a pattern. After the play is over, we hope to get some photos of her water-skiing in this get-up!

Rebecca also gets to dance in this play:

From Belles

And go through a break-up:

From Belles

Nathan and Noah have more minor roles (since they aren't one of the "Belles"), but they are doing great. Noah is just so darn cute in his knickers, and Nathan loves it that he gets to drink root beer every night on stage.

Here's a link to the write-up in the local paper, and below is a slide show with a few more photos from the play: