Thursday, July 27, 2017

Great Greek Adventure Begins

Terry and I arrived in Greece at 9 am on Wednesday morning after a few hours of sleep on the plane.  Our plan was to push through the day and then get to bed early.

We will be in Athens when the rest of the group arrives so we wanted to just see an extra thing or two in Athens and then head south to get a little R&R on the coast.  We headed first to the Panatheniac Stadium - home of the modern Olympic games.  It was awesome with the Acropolis in the background.

We tried to see a monastery on a hill overlooking town, but it was closed due to fire hazard - at least that's what we thought the guard said.  Terry and I both feel quite illiterate here.  Apparently attending college in the south and being exposed to Greek signs on sororities and fraternities AND using quite a few lower case Greek letters used in upper level math and engineering was not enough to prepare us to read here! This may actually help us sympathize with the refugees we have come to help. 

So we drove to Anavissos where we will stay the next 3 nights.  We found this spot on Airbnb, and it is awesome! For $42 a night we have a private little house overlooking the Aegean. The little kitchen is even stocked with food. We headed into town and had supper on the beach and then took in the sunset.  

An old boat ramp.  Glad I don't have to back the trailer down this:

View from our balcony:

Great day!  Followed by 12 straight hours of sleep and a quiet morning on the deck.  

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