Friday, July 28, 2017

Athenian Riviera

We both slept 12 hours straight when our heads hit the pillows that first night!  We woke up to a wonderful breeze and spent the morning having some quiet time on the balcony.

My name in Greek.  Still working on that alphabet.

We ate breakfast at noon (our host told us this is what the Greeks do - breakfast at noon, lunch at 4 pm and dinner at 10 pm).  Then we drove around the peninsula getting our bearings.

We saw the ruins of Poseidon's Temple (where we plan to go watch the sunset tomorrow):

I always enjoy getting close to the edge and making Terry nervous.

The water is so clear here.  We read that the water does not have the right minerals to sustain much plant life - so no algae.  Also no shells - just pretty rocks.  

We went to Lavrion which is a big ferry port.  We looked around at the marina but figured we couldn't afford to rent a yacht.  

Then we drove to a hill overlooking the town.

We saw quite a lot of signs of the economic woes of Greece.  Many buildings look like this one:

Then we went swimming and looked around the little town where we're staying.  It has a pretty little chapel near the beach.  These little churches are everywhere!  Most are too small to worship in.  People build them to show thanks.  Sort of a neat idea if it's not based in superstition.  

Love the blue and white of Greece! 

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