Thursday, December 24, 2015


This is absolutely one of my favorite activities!  As many of you know, I like to fly and even got my pilot's license in high school.  While some people are scared of heights, I actually enjoy being up high.  Parasailing feels like being a bird.  It is strangely quiet up there.  And it's beautiful to look down on the calm lake.

I first tried parasailing as a newlywed.  Terry had a buddy who owned a parasail, and he set it up to give us rides on Boone Lake.  I wanted to buy our own parasail back then, but Terry wasn't that interested.  Now that we've moved to Knoxville, we have become three-part owners in a parasail from Craigslist.  It is a beautiful one - so colorful!  Somehow, we never get around to parasailing in the summer.  We always go in the fall when the water provides a shockingly cold ending to the ride.

This fall, we had friends visiting from Georgia, and they all went up for a ride - even my friend who is scared of heights had a blast!

We hit a snag (literally) at the end of the day when the parachute got a tiny hole.  We tried to figure out how it happened and actually found the nail on the dock that was the culprit:

notice the red fabric on the nail

So we are grounded until next year when we can get it fixed.  It's too cold to parasail now anyway.

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