Thursday, December 24, 2015

Caleb is a Senior

It's hard to believe I have another senior this year - two in a row!  Caleb has had "senioritis" since the day he started high school.

Rebecca took Caleb for a senior photo shoot at World's Fair Park in Knoxville.  She got some really good pictures (they're on her website here)!

But some of my favorites are the silly shots that show his goofy personality:

Caleb has been awarded a scholarship to UT, but he plans to turn it down and finish his associate's degree at Pellissippi State (he has just one year left because of all of his dual enrollment).  Then he will finish up at UT - majoring in business.  That's the current plan, at least.  Caleb has been known to kick around all sorts of plans - right now he is even considering the Marines!

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