Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Plans

We decided not to take a trip this summer. Check out my very first blog entry to see where we went last year. Our kids were totally overwhelmed with that trip, and they begged for a summer closer to home. I guess it is sort of hard to want to leave when we have a lake and a pool down the street! Anyway, this decision was made long before gas prices started inflating like crazy, and now it seems to make even more sense.

Even though we aren't taking a family vacation, here's what we're looking forward to:

  • hosting a marriage retreat this weekend
  • visits from James and Allison and from the Kevin and Krista Rideout (and a last minute visit from Mike Baker who is actually arriving tonight)
  • Nathan's birthday party next weekend
  • 4th of July with neighborhood fireworks
  • "Cousin camp" - one week with our kids in Knoxville and one week with the kids here in Johnson City - eight kids ages 7-15 - we are planning lots of activities and even T-shirts!
  • Caleb going to Doe River Gorge Camp
  • Rebecca going to Worldview Academy at Wake Forest in Winston-Salem, NC
  • the rest of us visiting two good friends in North Carolina while she's there
  • camping at South Holston Lake
  • Rebecca and I competing in a sprint triathlon in Chattanooga on August 10th with my friend, Laura O'Bryan (we all started a nine-week training program this week)

One optional thing is that Noah is trying out for a part in the Beauty and the Beast (the part of "Chip") next weekend. If he gets the part, it will mean lots of trips to Abingdon (a 45 min. drive) and a pretty big life-change from August until the play is over right before Thanksgiving. There are eleven weeks of performances. We are just praying that he won't get the part if our family isn't up for it.

Anyway, if you're not interested in all that, check us out on the new "Living in HD website" (link below). There are videos of us and everything now! Don't you think we're the coolest family on there? And really, all of you guys should sign up where it says "Join Now." They are giving more stuff away!


Rebecca S. said...

Mom, I hope you have realized that your blog thinks that Caleb is posting. I decided (while babysitting) that you needed someone to comment on your blog. You said something today about no one commenting. Well, you can be happy now!

Matt said...

That's great that you and Rebecca are doing a sprint triathlon. I had a lot of fun doing the races I did. It's also a great way to get in shape without burning out too much on any one activity.

The Huneycutt Family said...

Sounds like fun plans. The cousin camp sounds great - - can I sign up to send my kids? I'm sure that three more wouldn't be too overwhelming.

The Huneycutt Family said...

Ok - so if I want to apply, what can you tell me about what I need to write in my application?

Susan Seaman said...

I'm not sure what they're looking for, but from my conversations with Panasonic it seems like they're mainly just looking for a family that would have lots of opportunity to use the stuff.

I don't think you have to write an essay now - I haven't looked at the whole application - but I think it's more short answer. Make yourselves sound interesting and fun! I would talk about Jacob's interest in broadcasting the weather, for instance. You might also include how you could use this in teaching gifted students.

Susan Seaman said...

By the way, you're welcome to send your kids to cousin camp, but transportation is not included!