Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Jumping Pictures

This time with the whole family! We grabbed these frames from the HD video camera.


Ann said...

These area great! Where did you put the camera?

Ann said...

That last comment was supposed to say these are great! I need to proof things before I post them.

Susan Seaman said...

Bob and Liz were with us on the boat, so they had the camera.

We would have gotten lots of pictures with the still camera (including some incredible pictures of us all on tubes behind our boat), but Bob accidentally took it off of autofocus, and they are all out of focus. So the only way to retrieve pictures was from the video camera.

Katie No-Pockets said...

I remember jumping off your old dock, too. I even remember jumping off the really, really old dock we had to climb up on top of with the metal roof (I think...). You guys sure have been having fun on the lake, it looks like.