Friday, July 21, 2017

Sister Time

Spent a fun 24 hours with my sisters in Oklahoma City.  We chose OKC so that we could all get a chance to see Lisa's twins.  Then we shopped (of course), had a relaxing dinner and a somewhat unrelaxing night's sleep in our hotel as a loud fight broke out in the hall.

The next morning we hung out in Bricktown.  We saw the "mother ship" (Sonic company headquarters) and had a nice lunch at Zio's.  We made a brief tour of the downtown area including the Federal Building Memorial site.

Oklahoma!  where the winds come sweeping . . . and the construction cones . . .

Then I spent a week in Fayetteville.  Ann took off one day and we took a hike.  

I also got to attend two different retirment parties for Ann.  Here's a photo of what she will do a lot of now that she's finished her teaching career - spend time being a great grandma of grandsons (pictured here with just five of nine)!

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Nice hiking pictures!