Thursday, July 20, 2017

Best in Show

Back in 2012, Noah won "Best in Show" in the Lego competition at the Tennessee Valley Fair.  This year (I'm talking about 2016 here as I'm a bit behind on my blogging), he won again for his "Prairie Style Pad"  - a house he worked on all summer - adding detail after detail.  No instructions were be used as designs had to be completely original.

I love the little details like the tire swing and ketchup and mustard bottles on the BBQ grill:

I think Noah's favorite detail was the garden hose in the back:

The house has two floors.  The roof comes off to reveal and upstairs bed and bath:

And the second floor comes off to reveal the kitchen and living room below:

A few people ask where he got all the tan Legos for the exterior.  Well, we used to have one of these that we got at a garage sale:

Yes, Yoda gave his life for this house.  Or at least his Jedi robe.  Noah won $100 for his efforts, and what do you think he did with the money?  More Lego, of course.

In a related activity this fall, I coached a Lego League at Master's Monday.  I enjoyed working with these boys even though our competition didn't go so well (please, if you're in Lego League - learn from our mistake and calibrate your sensors, people!)

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