Saturday, June 18, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015

This post is out of order.  I do know that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas, but I didn't have these photos in my possession until today.  Rebecca is pretty much the family photographer these days, so when brings her camera, I typically don't take mine and just enjoy being in the moment.

This year we spent Thanksgiving here in Knoxville at Terry's parents house.  All the siblings and cousins attended - there are 17 of us living locally.

Here we are gathered for the prayer before the meal - Every head bowed, every eye closed -  "Lord, make us equal to the task we are about to undertake!"

                                               Here Noah gets caught with his eyes open . . .

                                            Like most families we have the kids table


But we also have the "over 18" kid's table (not pictured, Nathan - he must have been getting seconds):

After the meal, we did a little family photo shoot on the front porch and got some classics!

I am seriously thankful that we have an extended family that enjoys being together.  There is always lots of laughter. This year both Caleb and Sara had to go to work (Thank You Black Friday!), so we ate a little early.  Then most of us went to a movie at the Regal downtown.

Photo credits to Rebecca of Thousand Word Photography.

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