Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Capture the Moment

This summer I took the time to review another photography book - this one called "Capture the Moment" by Sarah Wilkerson.  Sarah is the CEO of "Clickin Moms."

This is a wonderful book with lots of inspiration for making great photos.  It is illustrated throughout with photos taken by the Clickin Moms community (by the way, that's a great website with lots of great photo inspiration).

I couldn't help but compare this book to the other photography book I reviewed recently.  I loved them both.  While "Your Family in Pictures" was organized around different types of photos (family photos, holiday photos, vacations and travel, etc.), "Capture the Moment" is organized more by technique, with chapters covering topics such as natural light, composition, black and white, and low light - all illustrated with family photography, not artsy photos that I could never imagine taking.  I loved the glossary of photography terms that is in the back of the book.  I think this is a helpful book I will return to again and again.

I found it interesting that Sarah Wilkerson acknowledged Me Ra Koh, author of "Your Family in Pictures" in the front of her book.  I think it's neat how photographers support and challenge each other.  As photographers, we may use the same technique, but we'll always have unique subjects. And when those subjects are our family, we each have our distinct moments to capture - there is no competition.

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