Saturday, July 6, 2013

Back By Popular Demand, Moving Part 2

Actually, back by one person's request - my Dad's. Obviously, the move and changes in our lives took a lot of my energy in the last year. Once I felt like blogging again, I was behind and couldn't really figure out how to catch up. Then I considered just jumping back in and letting that year of my life appear blank, but that didn't feel right, either. In related news, I didn't send out a Christmas letter the last two years. It's nice to know that somebody noticed. So, I have decided NOT to skip over the last year but to just do a few abbreviated posts to catch those who care up-to-date. As I was preparing to do this, I also realized that I was way behind in reading posts from family members who are doing a good job keeping up with blogging (Yay - Allison, Katie, Lisa and Rebecca!) because I had typically used my blog as a porthole to theirs. I really enjoyed those posts and wish I had some cute toddlers to spice mine up with. But, alas, my kids are growing up way too fast. Anyway, with further ado, here is my first attempt toward catching up-to-date with my blogging. We moved to Buckingham Drive (aka, "The Palace")in early August.

From Catch up on blogging
The move itself wasn't too bad (mostly because 2/3rd of our stuff was still in storage in Johnson City). But it's hard to overestimate the chaos we lived in the next few months as we renovated the kitchen and installed new (actually old, reclaimed flooring) on the main floor. The following pics give you a little idea:
From Catch up on blogging
From Catch up on blogging
I was without a kitchen (except a stove and paint sink in the garage) and without a laundry room for several months. My new stove was actually hooked up on Thanksgiving morning. I plan on doing a complete "before vs. after" post on our house at some time, but that will have to wait. Even though renovations aren't fun (and they aren't over yet!), we are blessed to have gotten this huge house at FAR below market value. The location is so convenient, and we love being around the corner from the Green Belt trail.

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