Saturday, February 4, 2012

Skin Map

Our son, Nathan, is a fan of Stephen Lawhead's books, so we thought it would be fun to review this audio book as a family. Like other Lawhead books, Skin Map is part history, part fantasy, and part intrigue. Originally set in modern-day Great Britain, it takes off to different places and times. Our only complaint about the audio book was that it was at times a bit hard to follow all the paths that were being explored simultaneously. In a print book, it's a little easier to reference earlier events and review as necessary to follow the plot.

The book is entitled Skin Map because one of the time travelers developed a road map through time that he tattooed on his body to keep from becoming lost in the cosmos (and to make it harder to steal). Those who really want to follow this audio book in detail might want to take out pen and pencil and draw up their own map.

The narration of this audio book is superb. Very entertaining- highly recommended in either print or audio form!

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