Monday, October 17, 2011

Seeing Red

I spent a week in Arkansas visiting Mom and helping out a little as she was being diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. This cancer originated in her breast but is now in her liver - so this is "breast cancer awareness month" for me in a big way! I'm so proud of my Mom's attitude - she has the faith of Job and doesn't complain. But please pray for her as she is in the battle of her life as she starts chemo and tries to put on some weight at the same time. And Mom, if you read this, please clean your plate! That's something you were never able to make me do as a kid, but I'm pretty good at it now.

I realize I didn't take any photos of Mom while I was there, but she probably likes it that way. Rebecca has the nicest camera at college with her, and the better of our remaining two Panasonic cameras is not currently working. But I have this little Panasonic that I keep with me all the time, and I did manage to take a few photos at my nephew's soccer game. I know I'm home in Arkansas when I see the red everywhere and little Razorbacks on all the clothing. And when I see my sweet sisters:

From Oct2011

The red is even more prominant than the orange in Tennessee, if you can believe that. I love the Vols (hey, I married one!), but red looks better on anybody, in my opinion! Here's my Dad in his red - my sisters and I love how his hair flips up in the wind. We still remember the crew cut he wore for about thirty years - and how he was always taking photos of us

From Oct2011

I really had fun getting to call the Hogs with him as they creamed Auburn in Razorback Stadium. I hadn't gone to a game with him since I was in high school.

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JoAnn said...

Sorry about your mom's diagnosis, I've said a prayer for her. I like the photos, nice.