Thursday, July 14, 2011

Home for Sale

Well, we put our home on the market last week. We've had two showings, and the family that looked at it today are very interested. I will have a hard time letting this place go if it comes to that.

Today, the Lord blessed us when our Panasonic wide angle telephoto lens arrived. We've been waiting for it for over a year, but just this week I started praying that it would arrive before our vacation trip to Michigan. I just really wanted to capture some scenery with it.

Anyway, turns out it comes in handy when taking photos of your house, too. You can fit so much more in the shots.

Here are a few photos I took inside this evening with the new lens:

I love our kitchen (and how you can see the fort through the window):

From 155 Lake Meadows Drive

The master bedroom with the huge headboard I got at a garage sale:

From 155 Lake Meadows Drive

The newly painted dining room (finally replaced that pea green):

From 155 Lake Meadows Drive

The den:

From 155 Lake Meadows Drive

The newly-decluttered classroom/office:

From 155 Lake Meadows Drive

While the potential buyers were looking at the house, we walked down to the lake to hang out:

From New Lens

This one I'm going to entitle "Jingle discovers a body":

From New Lens


Tracy said...

Well you KNOW if it was up to ME, I would be BUYING it RIGHT now...but it's up to the Lord, and He seems to think I need to WAIT..... Beautiful Home.

P.S. the trick to a wide angle lens, to keep it from doing the "fish eye" type thing to you, is the keep the center straight on the "horizon" or center of the room. :)

Have fun on Vacation!

Christine said...

What a beautiful home you have; I would definitely be sad to sell it as well. A wide-angle lens is the next one I want to get, but I think it'll be a while. You did a great job with your house shots--you should use those in your listings and house information sheets!