Tuesday, June 28, 2011

365 - Macro Lens

This week our long-awaited macro lens arrived. It has been on back-order for over a year! It was a gift from Panasonic (long story, see the start of it here and here) so it's not like we could complain about the wait (in fact, we still have this wide angle telephoto lens to look forward to)! Anyway, when I came home the first day we had the lens, Rebecca had set up this water-drop photography apparatus:

From Mom's Photos

And she thought she would never use Calculus again (ha!):

From Mom's Photos

Anyway, she had some fun with that, and now we're saving up lightbulbs to break for a cool macro shot (Dad, you're the one who gave us that idea).

So I haven't gotten to use the lens much, but here's a few shots I took with it.

From Mom's Photos

From Mom's Photos

From Mom's Photos

From Mom's Photos

From Mom's Photos

Rebecca says this one is indecent, but I'll post it anyway:

From Mom's Photos

And, finally, this is one I took of the sky. It just looked really cool when I woke up in the morning. Normally I would not take a sky shot with a macro lens, but I would have had to wake up Rebecca to get the other lens out of her room.

From Mom's Photos


JoAnn said...

The pictures look great. I like that sky shot even with the macro lens. Very pretty. :)


The Huneycutt Family said...

Neat! What a fun lens to have. I just love all of Rebecca's photos. John keeps talking about how good they are and how she should be a professional photographer.

Tracy said...

LOL! You crack me up as much as your daughter. Too funny, on the Calculus.

LOVE the blue feathery sky and the macro shots!

Christine said...

Susan, I really like the shot of the hosta blooms. And the sky is incredible! I've taken shots with my macro lens like that, too, and they're still really neat.


Kristal said...

You got some great shots with it!