Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Appliances

We are getting ready to put our house on the market in a week or so. One of the things that several realtors had suggested was to update our kitchen by replacing the white appliances with stainless steel. Terry got busy shopping (and selling our white appliances) on Craig's list, and we were able to upgrade all for just $1000. During that time, I was without a dishwasher for about three weeks and spent one LONG weekend without a fridge.

Here's our old fridge (notice the High School Musical ad - watch for an upcoming post about that):

From Kitchen

And this is the one we had for about a day:

From Kitchen

It was "cool" because you could record messages by hitting a button on the front (messages like "Don't even think about drinking my last cold Diet Dr. Pepper"), but it was very "uncool" that it wouldn't keep things cold AT ALL. Fortunately, the seller took it back (claiming that he never knew anything was wrong with it), and we got this one instead:

From Kitchen

Here's my new dishwasher;

From Kitchen

I love it because it's extra deep for pots and pans. I hardly ever have to handwash anymore.

And here's my new oven and microwave:

From Kitchen

Notice that there is a hole above the microwave where the unit was smaller than the previous one. Terry filled it in with this:

From Kitchen

Isn't that clever? I need to get some smaller chalk to use in writing messages. The only thing I have right now is huge sidewalk chalk, and it's a little hard to do lettering with that.

We got a new stovetop, too, but there are plenty of pictures of that in the post below.


Jennifer said...

I just read a book that might help you: Home Staging that Works. I reviewed it on my blog.

Susan Seaman said...

Thanks, Jennifer. I'll check it out!

Tracy said...