Tuesday, April 5, 2011

365, Week 12 Barn Art

In this part of Tennessee, you see barns everywhere! Many are part of the "Appalachian Quilt Trail" which I'd like to explore more fully every year. Some of the barns below are right around the corner and most are ones I see quite often.
Besides the quilt squares, "See Rock City" is classic Tennessee barn decor.

I'd like to do some better photography of these barns. These shots were mostly captured from my car.

From Sep. 2010

From Sep. 2010

From Sep. 2010

From Sep. 2010

From Sep. 2010

From Sep. 2010


Kristal said...

I love old barns!

Christi said...

These are great. You don't see anything like this in KC. Thanks for stopping by, I'll be following your 365 adventure from now on. Don't worry about keeping up, just keep taking great pics, or at least that's what I tell myself!

Tracy said...

I always LOVED them. Never got to capture great shots of them. Maybe when I move back!

Christine said...

Susan, what a great combination! Old barns and quilts! Nothing like this here in the Chicago suburbs, that's for sure. :)

Have a great week (and weekend!),

Pennie said...

Wow! I love old buildings like's the old wood that's so interesting.