Saturday, February 19, 2011

365, 43-49 Main Street, USA

One of my favorite things about this area is historic Jonesborough, Tennessee. It's about a 20 minute drive from our front door to Main Street! I get to go there lots these days as Caleb is practicing for "High School Musical" at Jonesborough Repertory Theatre.

These pictures were all taken Saturday afternoon on Main Street.

First of all, the Courthouse, where I recently was sworn in as a notary public and where I go to pay for our car licenses and property taxes (and though I hate to pay property taxes, I think it's kind of interesting that our county clerk's name is Jack Daniels):

Next up, the Historic the 1797 Chester Inn, the oldest still standing inn in Tennessee, which housed presidents traveling through the Appalachian Mountains on the Great Stage Road, including Jackson, Andrew Johnson and James K. Polk.

Here is a log cabin (right on Main Street) that Andrew Jackson himself used to live in when he practiced law:

And here is the "Parson's Table" where Terry and I had our first date over 21 years ago:

And here are some more of my favorites from Main Street (including yet another "Senior Photo" shot of Rebecca):


Tracy said...

Been through there MANY times when we lived in Morristown on our way to Johnson City, but never got a chance to actually stop and take pics, etc. Love it!

Kristal said...

Love the log cabin...and the cupcake shop yummy!

Christine said...

Great shots, Susan. I love old downtowns; they're great for capturing incredible images, and I love the history surrounding them!