Sunday, January 23, 2011

365* 15-21 Beginnings

Sorry, that was the only theme I could come up with for this week's photos. I know I don't have to have a theme, but just humor me.

This week I took tons of pictures at the wedding of a daughter of a dear friend of mine. I was not the wedding photographer - in fact, I tried to be wherever she wasn't in order to catch something that she might miss (like the groom using his laptop to try to capture the wedding on Skype, an effort that failed due to low signal strength). I also got caught up taking lots of pictures of the wedding cake topper and cupcakes. The DELICIOUS cupcakes were provided by a local shop, "The Ugly Cupcake," and they asked me to take some photos for their website.

It was so fun to capture the beginning of this couple's new life together, and I think the shot of the bride and groom together captures the excitement that was in the air.

My other shots were taken at the beginning of the day on two different days this week.

On this first one, the sky was so pink, that I looked up from my reading and ran outside for a photo.

For this second shot, the moon was setting as the sun was rising. It made for a very wintery scene and reminded me of the book "Owl Moon."


Ann said...

I'm enjoying your weekly photos. I've been taking more photos lately, but it seems like lots of them are of Jesse.

Jennifer said...

Lovely wedding photos! Exciting to be asked to take photos for the bakery.

That pink sky is gorgeous.

Tracy said...

I love the Tree shot! The Wedding Cake was certainly something!

Anita said...

The wedding photos are very pretty. Love the photo of the tree.

Katia said...

Wonderful pictures! What a creative cake idea! The bride looked lovely. That tree shot is really pretty.
Have a great week!

Kristal said...

What a great cake idea! Love the sky shots!

Christine said...

I enjoyed looking at your photos this week. The tree at sunset is beautiful. And I, too, love taking wedding photos--as long as I'm not the photographer! I think you did a really good job. :)