Friday, January 14, 2011

365*8-14 Road Trip

Disclaimer: Do not try this unless you are a trained professional. Or at least if you do, don't tell anyone you got the idea from me!

This week, I didn't have any idea what to take a picture of, plus I was going to be gone most of the week for business training. I decided to pack along my camera on my road trip to St. Louis. Well, twenty hours in a car by yourself can lead you to some novel sources of entertainment (I gave up reading while driving over twenty years ago, but I used to be quite good at it). I'll also point out that I was using my Panasonic "point and shoot" this week, not the Panasonic G1 with interchangeable lenses that I used last week.

So there is really nothing remarkable about most of these shots except that they were all taken from the interstate while I was driving (usually at 75 mph). For the record, I did not look through the viewfinder. I truly did "point and shoot" and then I would make adjustments if needed. I did NOT use burst mode as that just seemed like cheating. Timing was critical on lots of these. In some cases, it was snowing. In other shots, it just looks like it's snowing because the window is so dirty.

I also completed the "self portrait" and "upside down" challenges (I chose an ambulance thinking it would be both upside down AND mirror image, but since the ambulance was in front of me that wasn't the case). I had a lot of fun!




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Katia said...

LOL, I must be a professional, for I take a lot of picture when I am driving.
Two great minds think a like, I too have shots for this week which I took while driving.
I do have say you have some awesome shots here. I have driven many times through the same roads you were on. I love that bridge, but not when they are doing construction on it and it's rush hour.
Have a great day!

Susan Seaman said...

Hi Katia,

Do you have your shots up for this week? I looked at your blog and you've got some great shots there, but I didn't see anything that looked like it was captured on the road.

Tracy said...

LOL! You are one crazy girl! I LOVE it....all of them are Fab. Very photojournalistic.

Kristal said...

LOL... hiliarous! Love the upside down one!

Christine said...

Wow. I've never taken a photo while driving. I don't even know that I'd want to try! You are very brave. :)

Your images are impressive for just pointing and shooting, too! I love the water tower, with the reflections from the window. Neat.

(I'm new to Mommytography, btw. Hi!)