Saturday, January 29, 2011

365* 22-28, Snow Shrine, Snow Whine

Snowfall is magical to me! I can never get enough of it. Now, if I lived in Wisconsin, I'm sure I'd get my fill, but here in the south there is always a special excitement when snow is in the forecast and a feeling of disappointment if the snow does not materialize (or if our neighbors in surrounding counties get more than we do). At our house, we have a tabletop display that I have jokingly referred to as our "snow shrine" (which obviously does not work well).

And though I don't really collect snowmen (really, I don't), I practiced taking close-up photos this week on some of the snowmen around the house (including one that decorates the back of a toilet, one that holds mail, and one that contains this week's Mommytography "I Spy" object).

We were predicted to get up to 3 inches of snow this past Wednesday night. Instead, we got this "dusting" which looked more like a bad case of dandruff on our deck table.

Did we whine? You bet we did! Even if we had gotten the predicted 3", we would have complained to hear that Elizabethton got 4". Here is my son Noah watching for snow and giving his famous snow pout:


Kristal said...

I'm sorry you didn't get your snow. We have some... well, more than some. Haven't seen the grass but about 7 days in two months.

Lovely snowman.

Ann said...

I feel the same way. Not matter how much snow we get, I always want more! I've always thought it would be fun to spend one winter in a place where is snows a lot!

Tracy said...

I like your collection!

Jennifer said...

Are you sure you don't collect snowmen?

Katia said...

We got plenty of snow here if you would like some ;)
Love that shot #5. Beautiful little collection you have, even if you don't' collect them ;)

Christine said...

Susan, I loved reading your post! I love snow, too, though I'm in waiting-for-spring mode right about now. I love your photo of the snowman with the red scarf; such nice focus!

Christine, who is hoping we'll get the 18" of snow they're promising in Chicagoland tonight!! :)

Anita said...

Hmm, I think you like snowmen. lol

I love the snow, I just wish it would come without all the cold winds, air attached to it.

Magnolia_Mom said...

CUTE collection. I want an Auburn snowman like the TN one you have.