Friday, July 16, 2010

Class Reunion

From July 2010

Last week our family traveled to Arkansas to attend my 30th High School reunion. Can it possibly have been 30 years? Here are me and my BFF from the FHS Class of 1980 today:

From July 2010

And here we are almost 30 years ago:

From July 2010

I guess it's true that growing old beats the alternative!

I really enjoyed the reunion this year - though it would have been even better if more of our classmates had been able to make it. It's so strange to go from seeing folks every day to seeing them at 10-year intervals. I have no idea what this whole concept will be like for my homeschooled children. They do have a group of friends their age, but I doubt there will be any organized reunion effort.

Anyway, it was refreshing to see that after 30 years, it didn't seem to matter who was in band or choir, who was a cheerleader, who was an honor student, etc. The only thing we really needed to have in common for conversation was that we were still around.

My favorite part of the reunion was a conversation with a classmate whose life had been totally changed by trusting in the Lord. He was far from God in high school, and I used to pray for him. I got to hear the story of how the Lord pursued him for over ten years and brought him to Himself. What a change! I needed that reminder of how God's grace changes lives . . .

A bittersweet event of the weekend was also the funeral of Don Wright, our high school choir director. Many of us were privileged to sing at his funeral the morning of our reunion. And all of us gathered around to sing "Sweet, Sweet Spirit" at the reunion as well.

From July 2010

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