Thursday, April 29, 2010

High Definition Cleaning

We have a new toy at our house (at least the kids think it's a toy for now, which is a good thing). We are getting to try out Panasonic's new vaccum cleaner, which is supposed to be great for those with pet hair problems.

Boy, did they pick the right place to try this out. We have always had long-haired dogs until two years ago when we picked out Jingle at the pound. At first, we marveled at how her coat stayed so clean and soft. Then we realized her secret. She gets a new coat of hair every day! Terry has threatened to get rid of the dog because of all the little white hairs he finds on his dark business attire.

Anyway, I think she has now met her match:

From April 2010_1

We tried it out this morning, and it works great! It cleans so much more thoroughly than our old vacuum, and it's SO QUIET! Jingle doesn't even bark at it.

Noah begged to vaccum today. His enthusiasm undoubtedly won't last long, but I'm going to enjoy it while it does! Thanks, Panasonic!

From April 2010_1

From April 2010_1


Ann said...

Maybe you need to bring that thing to my house, or at least bring the helpers.

The Huneycutt Family said...

We haven't gotten ours yet. Maybe it will come next week.

Allison said...

I think I can relate to Noah in this picture. We got a vacuum cleaner several weeks ago, and it was like a new toy (but only for a couple days). I spent one Friday evening vacuuming every nook and cranny of our apartment, but I think I'm over that phase now.

Katie No-Pockets said...

Yeah, a new vacuum (or any other neat appliance) can be quite like a toy in the beginning. We recently bought a really nice vacuum that is supposed to deal well with pet hair (and does!) .... I think short hair is much worse than long hair because it sheds so constantly and it is small enough that it gets embedded in fabrics. Very aggravating to clean. It is one nice thing about having so much hard floor in our new house - although fur-balls do collect in the corners :)