Friday, March 19, 2010

Lack of Self-Awareness

From 2010-03-19

I know that songbirds are a sign of spring, and for that I am thankful. However, we are being driven to distraction by several cardinals who are visiting our house this year.

One is pecking at his reflection on the metal kickboard at the bottom of our front door. He starts this just before dawn and keeps it up for HOURS! This same one visits the basement door and flies up and down - attacking his reflection as well. Another one visits the french door on the back deck. This has gone on for five days now, and today we noticed that there are blood spots all over the back door!

I read today that cardinals do this because they lack "self-awareness." I guess this is what happens when lack of self-awareness and aggression meet head-on!

Rebecca and I have noticed that only the male is involved in this ridiculous behavior. The female is probably wishing he would get a clue and help her build the nest.

From 2010-03-19

I'm now beginning to see why a football team would be named after a cardinal!

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