Monday, September 28, 2009

We Ate the Louisiana Purchase!

We discovered several years ago that salt-dough maps were not worth making. After all, what can you do with them when you're done? So we converted to cookie maps. We recently finished up a study on the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Here is our cookie map.

From School Year 2009-2010

Lewis and Clark are not to scale. Well, actually the whole thing is not to scale, but Lewis and Clark are particularly large! At this size, it wouldn't have been much of a trip!

From School Year 2009-2010

We used candy corn for the Indian tribes,orange slices for the mountains, and chocolate chips for the Buffalo herds.

From School Year 2009-2010

It was a fun project. After taking photos, we dug right in. Nothing much is left . . .

We are seriously considering a "Lewis & Clark Expedition" of our own next summer. We are looking into renting canoes for the Ft. Benton to Judith Landing portion in Montana and/or a hike on Lolo Pass in Idaho. Would anyone like to join us in St. Louis and head west?

Here is another fun picture from last week's school. Nathan built a periodic table from Lego for his chemistry class at co-op.

From School Year 2009-2010

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Julie said...

What a wonderful way to make maps! I love it. :)