Sunday, May 31, 2009

Visit to Fayetteville

Well, I'm going to blog about our trip to Fayetteville even though it's possible that the only people who read this blog regularly live there and participated in these same events. I'm pretty sure I will scoop them with this blog content since they are too busy to blog. Does this mean I need to get a life?

First of all, we went to Arkansas partly to see my niece, Lisa, graduate from Fayetteville High School (still my Alma Mater true).

From Arkansas

There's Lisa in the back. Carol and I got so bored watching all 500+ graduates walk in that we accidentally got to talking about something else and missed seeing Lisa walk in. But we did manage to see her walk across the stage!

Another fun thing we did was visit Wilson Park. There's a cool castle there, and Rebecca enjoyed taking lots of photos there. There are lots of cool sculptures and details that I never noticed before. Rebecca got a chance to take LOTS of photos because the van ran out of gas when we were there and I had to hitch a ride back to my parent's house.

From Arkansas

From Arkansas

From Arkansas

From Arkansas

One thing that has become a tradition during our visits to Fayetteville is meeting Carol and her kids at Rick's Bakery to eat breakfast. They have an incredible selection of goodies and some really neat creative cakes and baked goods on display. The kids (and adults) also enjoy watching the decorators at work. We decided to make a photo by the colorful van outside and out walked Rick - owner of the bakery - and he posed with the kids.

From Arkansas

One of the highlights of this trip was a talent show at the Covingtons on Sunday evening. Katie and Jeremy organized the event. Their act involved Katie "driving a car" and putting on make-up, drinking water, etc.

From Arkansas

Caleb told jokes . . .

From Arkansas

Noah did sign language . . .

From Arkansas

Terry and David were the judges (which effectively got them out of the competition):

From Arkansas

There were also mandolin, violin,singing, lip-syncing and dancing acts! I may require ransom money to keep from posting the Sister Sledge act on a later date.

Besides visiting with family, we also saw some old friends. Terry and I visited with Jeff and Lisa Gaddy in Fayetteville. Jeff and I have known each other since grade school and were in choir and band together in high school and college. Jeff had recently put our old choir music on MP3s, and I am having fun singing the old music. Caleb says he feels like he's had enough "music appreciation" to last a lifetime now. I also enjoyed seeing Jeff demonstrate his "harmonizer" that can harmonize your own voice in up to 8-part harmony.

We also stopped in Memphis on our trip back and spent a few hours at a local Chic-Fil-A with our friends Andy and Jennifer Pierce (and their five kids).

It was a great trip, and we are only home a week before we hit the road again - this time for a trip with Terry's family.


Ann said...

I enjoyed reading about your trip to Fayetteville and even learned somethings about your trip that I didn't know. I never heard about the trip to Wilson Park or your van running out of gas. Did you do that on Thursday when Carol and I were in school?
I need copies of the graduation pictures. That looks like a good one of Lisa.

Susan Seaman said...

Yes, we ran out of gas on Thursday. We were almost empty when we arrived late Wed, and I just forgot to check it.

I can put our graduation photos on Picasa for you and you can get them from there.

LifeAccordingtoDebbie said...

Folks in Florida are reading about you too! Great stuff... sounds like you had a good time! Have fun on your next adventure!