Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Terry and I were married nineteen years ago today!

I decided to celebrate by finally get our VHS wedding video transferred to DVD! I've got our old Panasonic (wouldn't you know?) VHS player hooked up to our computer with a "Dazzle" attachment. It's working great, and I'm looking forward to transferring all our old movies now. I can even bring them in to Pinnacle and edit them if I wish.

Carol - just to let you know: When going through our home movies, I found that I have footage from your wedding made with my camera. So hopefully all is not lost!
The only problem would be if I taped over it for some reason.

We are celebrating tonight by having steak on the grill with the kids and then subjecting our kids to watching our wedding video!

Thursday night Terry is taking me out to dinner and the Barter Theatre.

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Ann said...

Happy Anniversary! Sorry I'm one day late!