Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Help Me Make a Dummy of Myself"

These were the words Rebecca came to me with this morning! Turns out she was wanting to make a sewing dummy using a process she had seen on the internet. She wore an old shirt (actually two of them because she needed it to be long AND she needed it to be a turtleneck, and she didn't have any long turtlenecks she wanted to sacrifice). I wrapped her in duct tape and then cut a slit up the back when we were through. Before it was over, her hands were starting to turn purple and she nearly fainted. I guess I wrapped a bit too tight! Here are some photos:


From Jan. 22nd

Getting started:

From Jan. 22nd

Before cutting - oh, to be this skinny again!

From Jan. 22nd

After I cut her free:

From Jan. 22nd

Now, she just has to stuff it! I'm glad I have a daughter that likes to sew and can make her own formal gowns!

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Katie No-Pockets said...

Hey, that's pretty cool. Isn't the internet great for learning all kinds of stuff?