Monday, January 14, 2008

A Wood Nymph and and one of Aslan's Animals

These are the parts that Rebecca and Nathan got in the upcoming "Chronicles of Narnia" play at our local theatre. They both really wanted speaking roles, and I thought they did great at tryouts, but over 140 kids tried out for only 16 speaking roles. Caleb and Noah tried out as well but didn't get parts at all. We are learning to be happy with supporting roles. I say "we" because I didn't realize until going through this process that I have a lot of pride wrapped up in my kid's performance and achievements. That's something I need to work through with the Lord.

I'm sure they will both enjoy just being in the production because they like "Narnia" so much.
And Nathan is glad that he gets to fight on stage with the good guys. Rebecca will be able to spend time working on the scenery, program and promotional artwork for the play.

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James said...

I remember being upset about not getting a speaking role the first time I tried out for "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever," especially since I knew the director well and had a fair amount of acting experience at the time, compared to the other kids at least. I really enjoyed just being backstage and getting to see how all of that is put together. It wasn't until the next year that I got to be Ralph, one of the main characters. Acting is really fun, regardless of what you get to do. Although it is a cliche, it is nonetheless true: "There are no small parts, only small actors."